Confidentiality guidelines

While the content of applications is subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), reviewers should not disclose information contained in applications as it is the role of the Department of Agriculture, not the reviewer, to determine whether such information is releasable pursuant to the FOIA. For this reason, confidentiality must be maintained--therefore please DO NOT copy, quote, or otherwise use material from this application. If you believe that a colleague can make a substantial contribution to the review, consult with the appropriate National Program Leader before disclosing either the contents of the application or the applicant's name. When you complete the review, please destroy the application and maintain its confidentiality. If you are unable to review, please contact the respective National Program Leader, destroy the application and maintain its confidentiality.

Unauthorized disclosure of confidential information may subject you to administrative sanction, i.e., removal from review of the application and/or disqualification from involvement in future reviews.